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About the Moja jezera Project

About the Moja jezera Project

"Moja jezera" (translated as "My Lakes" in English) is a personal project where I embark on a journey to visit all of Slovenia's lakes. The aim is to explore the undiscovered lakes of Slovenia that have yet to be touched by tourism. I photograph each lake, briefly describe it, and share it on the website.

The website is becoming a true online lexicon (or mancyclopedia as I like to call it) of all Slovenian lakes and, at the same time, a promotion for the bodies of water that we neglect to visit because of tourist pearls like Bled Lake.

I have documented 1499 lakes, 139 waterfalls, and 23 lake-view mountains in Slovenia up to this point.



The Slovenia Lakes (updated version in the English language): 2023
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Jezera Slovenije: (updated version in Slovenian language): 2023
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The Slovenia Lakes (original book, in Slovenian and English): 2020 – sold out


NEW WATER BOOK - Water, the Essense of Life - created by multiple contributors, published by Dr. Violeta Bulc and the Ecocivilisation team. I contributed with a short text about lakes.


I have always been taken over by water in its various forms in nature in an extraordinary way. Streams, rivers, torrents, confluences, waterfalls, lakes. But you know that feeling when you see something and instantly calm down, a slight smile appears on your face and you narrow your eyelids, as if that would allow you to experience this beauty even more sensually? For me, lakes create those feelings.

Few things have the power to make such an impression on me as a rounded body of water with rounded edges in my field of vision. Add a wooden pier, even broken, melancholy trees and bushes, which as guardians preserve the sacred solitude, and timid birds gliding on the calm surface, and at that moment that is all I need for happiness.

I am still searching for the real reason why I have such a personal relationship with lakes. 

The Moja jezera project is a combination of all my passions: lakes, researching, and posting it all together on digital channels. It couldn't be more me!

For the project, I received the POMP award for special achievements in content marketing and two Netko awards, which reward the excellence of digital projects.


Since 2022, I have started researching waterfalls and lake-view mountains overlooking the lake in my collection. Up to this point, I have documented 139 waterfalls and 23 lake-view mountains overlooking a lake.


  • I am an entrepreneur - my professional path is LinkedIn - I teach the company how to use it effectively for marketing and sales; I'm telling you, I love my job
  • I love public speaking - leading LinkedIn workshops and lectures for the company is my great passion; in the last 8 years I have performed more than 555 performances
  • My latest passion is researching neuroscience, epigenetics, the connection between spirituality and science, and the science of water
  • I collect (and also use) letter openers: whenever I travel abroad, I buy at least one; it seems to me a possible and charismatic object in which the spirit of history is captured
  • My favorite number is 3: since I can remember, this number has been my love; years ago I had a funny habit of expressing every number in my mind with the number 3: for example, the number 8 is (3+3)+(3/3)+(3/3)
  • I am constantly in motion: hardly a moment passes when I am not writing something, thinking, reading, planning...
  • I'm an incorrigible grammar nazi; I don't miss any missing commas or extra spaces; grammatical errors have the power to put me in a bad mood
  • I have a constant desire to progress in all areas, both in sports and in the business sense, running through my veins; I like to go beyond myself, and outside my comfort zone is the most interesting
  • I like meeting positive people in the business world, with whom I can have good business debates.
  • In terms of sports, I am sometimes drawn to sporting challenges and cycling extremes. In 2017, I traveled the diagonal of Slovenia from Hodoš to Piran in less than 24 hours without an escort. It was the most difficult 368 kilometers in the entire collection of kilometers driven!

With the My Lakes project, I was presented in almost all media in Slovenia: print media, TV stations, radio stations, and websites, I was a guest on podcasts and events.

Check the list of all appearing in the media (in Slovenian language) >>

About the Moja jezera Project


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